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Free Math Tutor is led by a team of students at Johns Hopkins University and The University of Central Florida studying Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics. Over time, we have developed ways to quickly solve the most common mathematics problems presented to us. We enjoy finding new creative ways to aid students, teachers, and anyone interested in finding solutions to mathematics problems.

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When doing math, try thinking of the problem in terms of a general sense. Don't focus too much on the numbers. Understand the ideas. What's the point? Why do the problem? Learn the reasons before applying the techniques.

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Free Math Tutor is run by RobApps, which is originally an iPhone development company. After learning the needs of many people over a long period of time, we at RobApps though to create a place for you to get your Math questions answered online, rather than through an iPhone. Visit RobApps for more information.

RobApps recently released Text Lingo, an iPhone Application that assists with conversions between English and texting acronyms.


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